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Zopto helps me to automate my daily tasks when it comes to connecting and reaching out to individuals. It’s saved me a lot of time by removing the need for me to do it manually. It makes LinkedIn prospecting much easier, and while there’s always room for improvement, Zopto is a work in progress and … Continued

Transformative Leadership Development

Zopto works and it works well. It came highly recommended by my mentor and coach, and after a few internet enquiries, no competition seemed as developed or as accessible. Combined with the fact that my mentor is available indefinitely – and is proficient with the software – as well as the fact that they’ve already … Continued

HCT Partners

Zopto is just outstanding, to be honest. It’s given us the ability to connect with a huge number of prospects on LinkedIn in just three weeks, with an impressive 48% conversion rate. I liked the ease of use and how it seamlessly linked into my LinkedIn account. Overall, the experience has been nothing short of … Continued