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Scale Up Marketing

I’ve found myself in a few situations where clients were on the verge of leaving and where Zopto was the reason that I was able to keep them because of the additional features that the software provides. That alone makes it worthwhile, at least in my case. There’s also the fact that I was then … Continued


Zopto is fantastic! We were used to running up against LinkedIn’s limitations, and that was seriously affecting our ability to do our jobs and to get the word out about our clients. With Zopto, we are able to easily manage our outreach without having to worry about breaching LinkedIn’s terms and conditions. It allows us … Continued

Tracey Burnett

I LOVE this software. My overall experience has been very good, and I really can’t think of anything I don’t like about Zopto. I like the time saving aspect, and I also love the analysis/reporting. It was a no-brainer for me to use this. The customer service chat is excellent – very responsive and fast. … Continued

North Star HQ

Overall, we had a great experience. What’s nice is that there’s a feature suggestions section where new features can be suggested and other users can vote on them. It also shows if that feature is in the process of becoming a reality. Zopto provided a powerful platform with outstanding customer service, and we’re extremely likely … Continued