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We were happy with how easy it was to pick up the tool and to put it to use. It made it super simple for us to start reaching out to potential customers and to encourage them to sign up for demos of our software. At the same time, it also came much cheaper than … Continued


I love Zopto, and the only feedback that I have is that it would be good to have some form of lead tracking. For the price to value ratio, Zopto is great, and I’d 10/10 recommend it. Other tools on the market have nowhere near the same amount of functionality, especially at that price point. … Continued


We’ve been using Zopto for a little over three months and are really satisfied with the quality of the product. We’ve used other LinkedIn outreach tools in the past, but this one is definitely something else. To begin with, it’s user friendly and cloud-based. LinkedIn generates most of our leads, so it’s been wonderful to … Continued

Appraisal Vision

We already have two leads that signed up to our platform from our Zopto campaigns, and we continue to get plenty of calls and responses about our company. The account manager that Zopto provided us with has been able to help us with every question or issue that we had, making our overall experience very … Continued


Zopto is a great platform. It helps us to organise and automate our processes and to ensure that our approach to marketing is much more efficient. We’ve seen great results thanks to Zopto, and we expect those results to keep on coming. We’re particularly happy with the customer support and ongoing content updates, and there’s … Continued


We’re satisfied with this product and would recommend it. There are probably industries, departments and countries that are easier to reach through this method than through any other method. It seems to work particularly well in North-America, Europe and the APAC region and is a great way to help me to grow my network and … Continued