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Recruitment Juice

Zopto is great software! Overall, we’re really happy with it. It provides exactly what we need, it’s easy to use and it generates great results. It’s super quick and easy to set up campaigns, mostly because it’s so intuitive. We’re yet to find something that we don’t like and we’d definitely recommend it if you’re … Continued


Zopto transformed my pipeline. My overall experience has been fantastic. My dedicated customer success manager has been on hand at all times to help with any issues and to guide me through the process as I got used to the features. Booking in time with her has been easy and extremely helpful, and it’s good … Continued

Burns International Inc.

Zopto provides an excellent source of leads for me and my business, and they’ve been instrumental in our business acquiring clients and leads. Thanks to the combination of the digital tools and the support from our account manager, we’ve been able to grow our business tremendously. Thank you again to the Zopto team. I’ve definitely … Continued