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How You Can Remain Steadfast During Hard Times

As we speak with customers, there is no doubt that some industries have been hit very hard throughout the COVID-19 crisis. What we’re seeing amongst most of our customers, however, is an eagerness to continue with their marketing and lead generation efforts, but uncertainty about how to do so strategically.  We’ve put together a few … Continued

Campaign Ideas to Adjust Your Brand In 2021

COVID-19 has certainly proven to be a challenging time for small and large businesses alike. Many are navigating uncharted territory and having to quickly adjust how they do business.  Here are five ways you can leverage Zopto to adapt your outreach strategy. 1. Offer a Free Tool-Kit Providing a helpful Tool-Kit your potential customers can … Continued

Now Is the Time To Invest in your Marketing!

Whenever there is deep uncertainty in the market, small businesses tend to go into fight or flight. Budget  that would otherwise go to initiatives like Marketing (an “extremity”), tend to be redirected to the core and stored as reserve.  It’s not a bad idea to have cash on hand, but pulling all resources from your … Continued

Managing Your Business Through COVID-19

We know that many businesses right now may be experiencing unexpected challenges during this difficult time. Here are some tips on how to navigate your business through COVID-19. Follow reputable and reliable information sources Stay informed by following credible sources like the  World Health Organization (WHO) and your local government health department. Respond appropriately to … Continued