• CLIENT:Datalogz
  • INDUSTRY:IT & Services

I like that I can schedule LinkedIn posts and automate profile invites, profile views and messaging. We’re able to automate our channel of sales outreach (LinkedIn), so that’s something that we don’t have to worry about anymore. The profile views and post likes are helpful because it mimics human behaviour and it’s something we can take off our plates. Overall, we’re very happy with Zopto and we’d definitely recommend it to people who are considering taking the plunge.

Tina Bhatia
Tina Bhatia

Head of Business Development

Customer story

Datalogz was born from years of frustration at not being able to find the right data and dealing with outdated documentation.

They decided that there had to be a better way of centralizing documentation and tribal knowledge within the data itself, and so they founded the company to solve a common problem faced by companies across all sorts of industries. They’re committed to making data understandable and usable by anyone within an organisation.

The challenges Datalogz are facing

Datalogz is no stranger to wrapping its head around large amounts of data, and so they understand the value of a data-driven approach to digital marketing. The challenge that they faced was that they needed a way in which they could tap into the huge amounts of data that LinkedIn stores on its users so that they could reach out to potential customers and introduce themselves and their services. LinkedIn’s own advertising tool simply wasn’t powerful enough for what they had in mind.

Why Zopto?

Zopto was an obvious choice for Datalogz because it allowed them to create automated LinkedIn advertising campaigns that took their messaging and boosted it, pushing it out in front of the people who were the most likely to convert into paying customers. They needed a self-service tool that would allow them to reach out to potential customers at volume without sacrificing relevancy or generating leads that would never be interested in making a purchase.

Datalogz's growth and how Zopto plays a role

Zopto gave Datalogz the ability to run large scale automated LinkedIn advertising campaigns that could generate leads at scale without sacrificing any relevance. By combining their messaging, which did a great job of explaining how they could help their potential customers, with the advanced targeting that LinkedIn offers, they could create multiple high-performing lead generation campaigns to ensure that they received a steady stream of potential customers to follow up with.