• CLIENT:ManXmachina
  • INDUSTRY:Computer Software

Great automation software for our needs. It’s the right solution at the right price. The ease of use when setting up the campaigns is above and beyond all other solutions, and we have no negative feedback to share. Better still, Zopto is constantly being updated with new functionality, and so every now and then we log in and we find that they’ve added something we didn’t even know we needed. They’ve met and exceeded all of our expectations so far and we’re very happy with the results we’ve been able to achieve.

Alexandros Louizos
Alexandros Louizos

Managing Partner

Customer story

ManXmachina describes itself as a special forces artificial intelligence team, and their mission is to help organisations of all shapes and sizes to develop and implement an artificial intelligence strategy.

With AI technology increasingly on the rise across a range of different industries, ManXmachine acts as a hybrid consultancy and development agency to help companies to take advantage of the revolutionary potential that artificial intelligence has to offer. They hire only the top 1% of machine learning experts after carrying out rigorous tests to ensure they provide only the best to their clients.

The challenges ManXmachina are facing

ManXmachina is built from a team of industry-leading experts at artificial intelligence, but they wanted to augment their skillbase by automating much of the marketing process and making their whole approach more intelligent. In particular, they were struggling with tracking and analytics and losing leads because messages were getting lost in LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator.

They needed a tool that could help them to better manage workflows and to help them to ensure that they never missed a lead again. At the same time, it also needed to be easy to use so that any team member could make amends on the fly as and when they needed to.

Why Zopto?

Until they found Zopto, ManXmachina was being forced to hire virtual assistants to do prospecting for them. Zopto allowed them to cut costs by removing the need for VAs, and it also allowed the company to better track their lead generation efforts. Before Zopto, they were using Excel spreadsheets – now, their LinkedIn advertising is integrated with Salesforce.

Zopto’s powerful suite of features and its low pricing meant that it was effectively able to pay for itself, allowing ManXmachina to function more effectively and to boost its profits. All of this combined to make picking Zopto a no-brainer.

ManXmachina’s growth and how Zopto plays a role

Zopto has made ManXmachina’s marketing campaigns easier to run and much more efficient, reducing the amount of manual management which is needed and cutting down on wastage. This has helped ManXmachina to grow its company at a steady, scalable rate while simultaneously reducing their overall marketing costs and effectively paying for itself. Without Zopto, ManXmachina would have been stuck relying on its cumbersome manual approach, and the company wouldn’t have been able to generate leads at anywhere near their current volume.