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Zopto is incredible. They enable five different social outreach options, of which InMail is perhaps the most compelling. It's great that Zopto allow us to upload a list of LinkedIn URLs, along with the Navigator advanced search. Overall, we’re very happy with the tool and consider Zopto be one of the best pieces of technology we’ve used for social selling so far. It’s a 5/5 from us and we’d be happy to recommend it.

Chad Burmeister
Chad Burmeister

Founder & CEO, ScaleX

Customer story

ScaleX is an AI tool that allows companies to create and integrate their own AI-based virtual assistants. It’s sales acceleration as a service, powered by advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, multi-variate modelling, empathy-powered prospecting and more.

The company’s virtual BDRs (business development representatives) locate over 10,000 leads every year and deliver more than 36,000 emails and social activities plus 36,000 – 60,000 dials. These are served up alongside digital advertisements to create a scalable lead pipeline for their clients.

The Challenges ScaleX are facing

ScaleX found Zopto to be a great fit as it helpd them grow their businesses and improve their digital advertisements by giving them the freedom to tap into any audience while promoting their AI tool. ScaleX specialises in artificial intelligence and AI-powered solutions, and while social advertisements are an important strategic tool for them, it’s not something that they specialise in. They needed help.

Why Zopto?

ScaleX wasn’t looking for a full-service agency to carry out its advertisements for them because they already had that capability in-house. That’s why they turned to Zopto's Linkedin automation tools – because it was a much more affordable alternative to hiring an agency that allowed them to improve their digital advertisements while taking a do-it-yourself approach towards them.

This in turn helped them to keep their overheads lower, generating savings that they could pass on to their clients. They could also maintain a greater level of control over their marketing campaigns and more easily scale their own business. And by enhancing their digital advertising campaigns with Zopto while simultaneously developing their virtual BDRs, Zopto can reach different target audiences with a more comprehensive, cohesive messaging campaign.

ScaleX’s growth and how Zopto plays a role

ScaleX already knows a thing or two about growth, and Zopto didn’t allow them to do anything that they weren’t already doing. Instead, it offered up new efficiencies and helped to speed up that growth. For a company like ScaleX, which literally has scaling in its name, a self-service tool like Zopto was the perfect way to enhance their existing digital advertising campaigns.