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AI-Powered Omni-Channel Campaigns:
Growth on Autopilot

AI-Powered Omni-Channel Campaigns:
Growth on Autopilot
Elevate your prospecting and business growth to new heights with our AI-driven Omni-Channel campaigns. Thousands of customers trust us to streamline their outreach across LinkedIn and Email through intelligent, multi-touch Smart Workflows, ensuring scalable and predictable expansion.
Elevate your prospecting and business growth to new heights with our AI-driven Omni-Channel campaigns. Thousands of customers trust us to streamline their outreach across LinkedIn and Email through intelligent, multi-touch Smart Workflows, ensuring scalable and predictable expansion.
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Get more done with
intelligent automation

Our feature-rich platform boosts your productivity and strategy, opening up lead generation opportunities you’ve only dreamed of!

Open your Zopto account
Open your Zopto account

Open your Zopto account within minutes to start opening conversations with your ideal target audience. Schedule an onboarding for best practices and strategies!

Enhance your outreach
Enhance your outreach

Update your network on important business news, schedule posts to promote your company, tailor your InMails and invites to better match your ICP, follow up with an email sequence and more!

Enjoy the results
Enjoy the results

Once your Zopto campaigns are up and running, your inbox will be overflowed with valuable conversations that lead to more sales for your business.

Powerful features
made simple

Attract hundreds of hot leads by targeting your ideal customers on LinkedIn

Omnichannel Campaigns
Optimize your outreach and lock in your chances of success by combining the two most powerful channels for lead generation: LinkedIn and Email. We make this multi-channel strategy easy and seamless - we even include up to 5000 email contacts per month!
Scale & Supercharge
Every day you can send 100 emails, 100 InMails, 45 profile invites, and 200 group/event messages.
Real-Time Reporting
Zopto provides comprehensive and real-time reporting across channels and campaigns, ensuring you have the data at your fingertips to evaluate performance, track sentiment outcomes and deal closed markers, draw insights and optimize results.
Secure Prospecting
LinkedIn is the #1 platform for social selling and we aim to maintain its integrity to ensure your campaigns are effective through several guardrails and security measures.

Welcome to your new superpowers

Powerful features and enhanced AI technology make lead generation easier than ever.

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Meet Zhoo, our advanced AI assistant and the latest addition to Zopto, the premier GPT-4 powered marketing automation tool. Zhoo elevates your experience by crafting comprehensive campaigns from start to finish and adeptly managing inbox conversations with smart, context-aware responses. Achieve personalized LinkedIn templates, posts, and emails effortlessly with Zhoo, your all-in-one campaign wizard.
Increase success by building highly targeted lists of prospects, in or outside of your network, based on hundreds of data points. Our system will then leverage artificial intelligence to cleanse your lists, saving you time, effort and embarrassment.
Create campaigns based on events or webinars, who is looking at your profile, groups you are a part of, and many more!
With Zopto, you can endorse people’s skills, view their profiles, like their posts, engage with them on Twitter and much more! This increases your visibility and demonstrates your interest, increasing their chances of engaging with you.
Targeted campaigns = best results. Import ABM lists or contacts from your CRM and upload them into Zopto. We also integrate directly with Salesforce, Hubspot and other CRMs via Zapier.
Zopto’s proprietary platform is built with ease-of-use in mind. In addition to our robust reporting and campaign insights, everything can be done inside the Zopto platform, like A/B testing, sentiment outcomes, deal closed markers and LinkedIn inbox messaging.
Zopto is a cloud-based social selling and lead generation tool, accessible from any device via a cloud connection and dedicated IP address.
Zopto offers free unlimited live chat and 1:1 support, along with a comprehensive knowledge base, from a team of real people located throughout Europe and North America who care about your business and results.
LinkedIn Sales Navigator
Maximize your LinkedIn and Email Lead Generation efforts with Powerful AI-Assisted Tools and a Dedicated Customer Success Manager
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Our success is measured by your success

Our core mission is to deliver results for all of our clients.

Tracey Burnett
I LOVE this software. My overall experience has been very good, and I really can’t think of anything I don’t like about Zopto. I like the time saving aspect, and I also love the analysis/reporting. It was a no-brainer for me to use this. The customer service chat is excellent – very responsive and fast. There have been no glitches at all. I’m looking forward to enhanced features as the software develops.
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Find a solution that fits your needs:

Compatible with:
Compatible LinkedIn
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Save up to 30%
Ideal for Small Businesses and Solo Entrepreneurs
195 USD
per month
1 account included
Save 20%
Perfect for Early-Stage Startups and Small Teams
312 USD
per month
2 accounts included
Agency & Enterprise
A robust solution for Agencies & Large Businesses
780 USD
per month
5+ accounts included Info

Gain the ability to do more

Each Zopto account includes these powerful features.

Checkmark Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Checkmark Auto profile views, follows, endorsements, post liking
Checkmark Zhoo: Advanced AI Campaign Creation, Enhanced Templates, Posts and Smart Inbox Responses
Checkmark Image & GIF personalization through Hyperise
Checkmark Smart LinkedIn post engagement
Checkmark LinkedIn post scheduler
Checkmark Campaign A/B testing
Checkmark CSV import campaigns
Checkmark Zapier integration and API access
Checkmark CRM integration: Hubspot & Salesforce
Checkmark Campaigns that invite people to events and webinars
Checkmark Robust and secure technology
Checkmark Email: 5000 contacts/month, automated sequences, AND email enrichment, verification and invites for LinkedIn campaigns
Checkmark Generate campaigns from: groups, events, webinars and “who’s viewed your profile”
Checkmark Oauth for Google and Microsoft

Trusted by leading companies

Sales people from leading companies are using Zopto in order to gain maximum visibility on LinkedIn and always stay in front of their prospects.

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