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Powerful features
made simple
Powerful features
made simple
Generating leads is hard enough. Zopto makes it easy
with our dynamic features and enhanced AI technology.
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Popular Features

Multi-Channel Campaigns
Optimize your outreach and lock in your chances of success by combining the two most powerful channels for lead generation: LinkedIn and Email. We make this multi-channel strategy easy and seamless - we even include up to 5000 email contacts per month!
Secure Prospecting
LinkedIn is the #1 platform for social selling and we aim to maintain its integrity to ensure your campaigns are effective through several guardrails and security measures.
Real-Time Reporting
Zopto provides comprehensive and real-time reporting across channels and campaigns, ensuring you have the data at your fingertips to evaluate performance, draw insights and optimize results.
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Find Prospects

Use Zopto to find, identify and expand your network. Connect with your ideal audience, drive sales, and share content. Reduce the amount of time spent on Linkedin while extending your reach.

Advanced Filtering

Increase success by building an advanced list of prospects and filter based on hundreds of criteria.

Remove emojis and symbols

Everyone loves a good emoji, but it can look unprofessional if an emoji is pulled into your data. Our data cleanse feature removes these, so you’re putting your best foot forward.

Data cleanse

No need to spend hours reviewing and updating the data from your lists - our software uses artificial intelligence to cleanse your prospect lists, ensuring they’re ready to go.

LinkedIn profile viewer

Let your prospects know you’re interested in them by viewing their profile. Everyone loves an ego boost!

CSV and CRM imports

Targeted campaigns = best results. Import ABM lists or contacts from your CRM and upload them into Zopto. We also integrate directly with Salesforce and Hubspot.
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LinkedIn Enhancements

Focus on the core of your business while we utilize and build on LinkedIn’s native features to make lead generation even more efficient.

Cloud-based software

Zopto is a cloud-based social selling and lead generation tool, accessible from any device via a cloud connection and dedicated IP address.

Recruiter and Sales Navigator

Make the most of your paid LinkedIn subscriptions by using them to their fullest potential!

Dedicated IP address

So your account isn’t suspicious.

Real people = Real results

We do not support fake profiles (and neither does LinkedIn). We have resources on how to optimize your profile to achieve better results using LinkedIn features, like SSI scores.

Manage multiple profiles

Enhance team performance through our multi-user and agency accounts. Great for enterprise sales teams and white-label agencies to manage all users from one centralized location.

Time zone detection

Your prospects don’t all live in the same time zone - send messages when they'll be read, during their office hours

LinkedIn safety features

The safety and security of LinkedIn and your profile are paramount. We responsibly leverage the LinkedIn API and have built-in guardrails to ensure the integrity of their platform, your company image, and your profile.

In-App LinkedIn inbox

No need to jump back and forth between Zopto and LinkedIn - respond to messages right inside the Zopto platform.
Maximize your LinkedIn lead generation with powerful features and dedicated support.
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Automated Campaigns & Messaging

Build campaigns from multiple sources to reach your prospects in the right place at the right time.

Expand your network

Connect with other premium LinkedIn users using Zopto, even if they are outside of your network. We never use your paid InMails.

Schedule campaigns

You can’t always be at your desk - schedule campaigns to optimize your time and results.

Group, event, and webinar campaigns

Are you in a great group and wish you could share something relevant with other members? Have you promoted a webinar on LinkedIn and wanted to reach out to the attendees who engaged? Now you can with Zopto!

Who’s viewed your profile” campaigns

You work hard to get noticed. With Zopto, you can message the people who are checking you out.

Twitter engagement

Engage with your prospects by showing interest in what they find important, increasing your chances of getting noticed.

LinkedIn posts

Build your professional brand, establish your thought leadership and promote your company by scheduling LinkedIn posts from your personal page.
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Seamless Integrations

Zopto integrates with premium tools like Hubspot, Salesforce, Zapier, and Hyperise, so you can always stay connected with your new or existing tech stack.
Salesforce & Hubspot Integrations
Direct integration with Salesforce and Hubspot CRMs, allowing you to import and export your data to create more custom campaigns, while keeping your CRM synced and updated with your LinkedIn activities.
Hyperise Integration
With a Hyperise account, you can send personalized images and GIFs in your messages increasing your chances of a reply, all while becoming the most interesting person in their inbox.
Zapier integrations
Connect and feed your favourite marketing tools with incoming messages and leads
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Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Unlike other platforms, we offer dedicated support via phone, chat and email along with strategic advice from a Customer Success Manager.

Onboarding success

Product tour and camapign set up with your dedicated Customer success manager

FREE unlimited support

We don’t put a cap on how often you can connect with our live chat support or Customer Success Manager - take advantage of support when and how often you need it

LinkedIn experts

Using data from thousands of campaigns and having conversations with thousands of customers, we offer advice from a place of expertise

Phone, live chat & email

We know you’re busy - we offer flexible support options that get you the information and support how and when is best for you

Support in your time zone

Our team of customer success managers are based throughout North America and Europe, ensuring you have support that aligns with your business hours
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Security & Performance

Cold emailing and calling will soon become obsolete in Europe. That's when we come in as alternative way for consensual outreach, at scale.

GDPR Compliant

Build lead generation at scale without worrying about data protection and massive fines

Always online

You don’t need to be online to have your campaign running - Powered by the cloud, Zopto ensures that you never miss an opportunity

Military Grade security

Keep your data and account safe via enterprise level cloud servers and military-grade encryption

Data backup

Reliable backup and quick recovery of all your lead gen campaigns with cloud-to-cloud backup
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Actionable Insights

Get the stats that matter and the tools you need to take action and improve your lead-generation strategy.

A/B Testing

Run multiple A/B tests and multi-variant experiments to see what resonates with leads, ensuring you’re continuously optimizing performance


Our comprehensive analytics dashboard gives you the data you need, empowering you improve your lead generation strategy and conduct important market research

Social selling metrics

Track how effective you are at establishing, engaging and building relationships

Data export

Easily export your data for what you need

Compare campaign success

Easily compare your ideas to keep increasing results
Attract hundreds of hot leads by targeting your ideal customers on LinkedIn
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Agencies, Affiliates and Multi-Users

Impress your agency customers by generating hot leads on auto-pilot, using our whitelabel.


Fully customisable, agencies can brand our platform with their own logo & domain and login page, giving your customers an experience to the platform as if you built it - take it a step further by customising the CSS


Generous payment scheme with 25% pay out for first month and 10% of the second and third month for the #1 lead generation tool - an easy sell

Boost profits

Whether LinkedIn lead generation is the core of your business or a complementary offering, offering Zopto as your own tool or promoting it as an affiliate, adds an additional revenue stream for your business

Agency dashboard

Monitor the status and progress of your customers’ campaigns and have full access to manage your billing and number of users, all within the agency dashboard

Easy integrations

Stress-free set up. Zopto handles the entire rebrand, hosting and maintenance for you

Multiple accounts

Manage multiple users from one account from one easy admin console - perfect for sales teams
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Trusted by leading companies

Sales people from leading companies are using Zopto in order to gain maximum visibility on LinkedIn and always stay in front of their prospects.

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