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Industry: Human Resources
Zopto campaigns are the starting point of our sales and marketing funnel, enabling us to identify, engage, and nurture potential leads on LinkedIn. These campaigns help us create valuable connections, which are then seamlessly handed over to our sales team for further engagement and conversion. It's a cohesive and effective approach that drives our overall sales and marketing strategy.
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Customer story

Digitanity, a company focused on helping their clients build and operate more cost-efficient IT teams, was looking for a lead generation solution to help them reach their full potential.

The challenges Digitanity are facing

Before Zopto, the lead flow for Digitanity ranged from just 5 to 10 per month, with plenty of room for improvement. With our omnichannel sales solution, their team was able to connect them with a wider array of prospects over multiple channels, leading to more visibility and better conversations.

Why Zopto?

Here’s how Zopto seamlessly integrates into Digitanity’s sales and marketing strategy:

  • Lead Flow: By using Zopto’s targeted campaigns on LinkedIn, the Digitanity team has been able to consistently and effectively reach out to a large number of potential leads who match their ideal customer profiles. This has resulted in a steady and high-quality flow of leads into their sales pipeline, making it a game changer for revenue.
  • Time Savings: Zopto has significantly reduced the time and effort required for lead generation. Instead of manually searching for prospects, crafting individual messages, and sending them one by one, Zopto automates much of this process, which has freed up their sales and marketing teams to focus on personalized follow-ups, building relationships, and providing tailored solutions to our leads.
  • Revenue Generation: The increased lead flow and time savings have directly contributed to revenue growth. By consistently reaching out to qualified prospects, nurturing those relationships, and seamlessly handing over interested leads to their sales team, Digitanity has been able to convert even more leads into paying customers.

Digitanity’s growth and how Zopto plays a role

With Zopto, the number of monthly leads entering the Digitanity sales cycle has soared to an impressive 20 to 40 per month!

But that’s not all: Between September 2022 and September 2023, Digitanity closed deals worth a whopping €500,000.


The Impact on Growing Digitanity’s Clients

Aside from generating revenue, the volume of prospects that Zopto allows our clients to reach makes a big impact on closing deals.

With Digitanity, they were able to reach a prospect who had already been evaluating EOR (Employee of record) and BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) services, which Digitnity provides. Thanks to Zopto’s outbound campaigns, their automated messaging went out and worked like a charm.

After initial contact and their response, the Digitanity team chatted with the prospect and were able to close the client and start supporting their recruiting and employment efforts in 6 weeks!

“Zopto has, time and again, offered us the capability of outreach to high numbers of prospects without the need for a large-scale inside sales team.”