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Stas Picture Hanging Systems
Zopto is a great tool to get sales leads. It’s easy to use and quick to set up with a nice dashboard and excellent customer service. The only con is that incoming leads are all in one inbox, which can make it slightly difficult when you’re running more than one campaign. But in some ways that’s a nice problem to have, as we were looking for a tool that supported multiple campaigns so that we could reach each of our target audiences from a single interface.
Louis van Empel
Online marketeer
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Customer story

Founded in 1995 by brothers Rien and André Stas, STAS has grown into an international company that specialises in supplying home owners, companies, museums and more with high quality wall decorations and smart picture hanging solutions. In the years since the company’s formation, they’ve won numerous awards and earned a reputation for providing a personal touch while dominating their niche, exporting their products around the globe to over fifty countries.

STAS originated from good ideas, ambition and an enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit, and this is still reflected today, along with its origins as a family-owned business built by specialists in their field.

The challenges Stas Picture Hanging Systems are facing

One of the interesting aspects of STAS as a company is that they’re both B2B and B2C, serving consumers as well as independent professionals and companies. This means that they need a variety of different marketing solutions to ensure that their lead generation campaigns are as effective as possible while catering to different areas of their business.

In particular, STAS was trying to find a sustainable way of bringing in leads from LinkedIn, whether that was by targeting independent contractors or whether it was by targeting purchasing managers and other key decision makers. They needed a versatile tool that could enhance their LinkedIn campaigns while targeting a variety of different audiences.

Why Zopto?

Zopto’s LinkedIn automation was the perfect tool for STAS because it had all of the functionality that they needed to create scalable and highly targeted LinkedIn outreach campaigns. At the same time, it also supported multiple campaigns, allowing the company to reach out to several target audiences with different ads to reach the right people with the right message at the right time.

Zopto was also within budget and its easy interface meant that it didn’t take huge amounts of time and resources for STAS’s employees to get to know it. Instead of a huge learning curve, they could start to see results from day one.

Stas Picture Hanging Systems’s growth and how Zopto plays a role

STAS has been growing steadily for over twenty years and establishing itself an impressive reputation in the niche industry that it serves. The challenge was to take this reputation and to push things even further, reaching out to new leads and showing new customers – whether individuals or companies – what the company has to offer.

Zopto was essentially the fuel for the fire, allowing STAS to take their message and to reach as many of the right people as possible, bringing in new leads and helping the company to grow both itself and its industry as a whole.