Zopto Webinar: Step by Step Guide to Implementing Automation

Zopto blog 5 LinkedIn Tips 5 Zopto Webinar: Step by Step Guide to Implementing Automation

by | August 09, 2021

Did you know that an average of 51% of businesses currently use marketing automation? Roughly 80% of marketing automation users see increased leads, with 77% seeing increased conversions, with most businesses saying that their main goal with automation software is to improve their qualified lead pipeline and nurturing. 

Sound like a dream come true yet?

“It can save you a lot of time in your work day to focus on actual meetings with prospects or other tasks you need to take care of,” says Brad, Zopto’s Automation Expert.

Watch Brad’s video as he goes through the benefits of automating your LinkedIn outreach to build successful campaigns with Zopto, giving you top tips to make the most out of your lead generation.

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