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We were so close to precedented times. So close! 

As COVID-19 resurges, along with the Delta variant becoming a big problem, it looks like everyone is back to the drawing board for their Fall plans. 

Many sales and marketing events, like AdWorld, have gone completely online, allowing professionals from all over the world to attend without having to leave their living room. And while some companies are still calling employees back into the office (is yours?), quite a few are still working remote and plan to continue working remote for the foreseeable future. 

So, as someone who may need to network to make a living, how do you continue reaching out to new contacts and potential customers? Here are a handful of ways you can successfully continue operations despite the new increase of COVID-19 cases.

Put together solid back-up plans

One of the best things you can do right now is prep back-up plans. Whether you’re hosting an event, or planning to attend an event, make sure you’ve got a solid preparations in place should things get worse. If you’re attending an event, get the extra insurance on your flight and check that your hotel room is refundable. And should any of your sales events need to go completely online, ensure that you’ve got a way to continue hosting that your sponsors and partners will be happy about. This way, you won’t be out of your pocket for too much lost money!

Keep your goal, but shift your methods

Not sure if you’ll be able to hand out tangible business cards at your usual event this year? No problem! Reach out to your prospects digitally with help from a LinkedIn automation platform like Zopto. Our team of Customer Success Managers will help you put together your target audience, craft your messaging and send automated messages via LinkedIn to help you generate more buzz and keep your business relevant. 

The best part? No mask needed!

We can even tailor your messages with custom images, build campaigns from viral LinkedIn posts and bypass that annoying weekly limit, giving you a full suite of options to generate leads without having to risk COVID-19 or it’s Delta sidekick.

Book a demo today to learn more.

Sounds cliche, but stay positive

The number one thing you can do right now is remain optimistic about the future head. This will help you shine a light on growing your business and keep your mental health in better shape. It’s of course frustrating how close we were to “normal”, but we’ll get there eventually, no matter how bumpy the road forward is!


Devanny (dev-uh-knee) is a Social Media Marketer based in Las Vegas. She's a dog lover with a propensity for mystery novels, and when she's not at her laptop working on comprehensive marketing campaigns, she can probably be found running around Disneyland or curled up with a good book!