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LinkedIn has become a prominent advertising medium for engaging with B2B customers at different touchpoints. Advertising on LinkedIn is a good bet —75 percent of B2B content marketers rely on LinkedIn ads. While LinkedIn ads may be more expensive than Facebook and Twitter ads, they are worth the money. 

Depending on your business and marketing goals, it’s the right channel to secure new leads, win high-intent customers, attract skilled employees, and forge meaningful industrial partnerships. In fact, smart marketers are also elevating the ad game by exploring LinkedIn automation tools. So, if you’re looking for a new channel to pitch leads or reach customers, let’s discuss a few things to know before you tap into LinkedIn to generate awareness, clicks, or conversions:

Cost implications 

To run a LinkedIn ad campaign, Campaign Manager lets you select objectives (awareness, consideration, and conversion) and choose your target audience (job titles, skill set, company name, industry, etc). You can also choose your preferred ad type: sponsored content, message ads, text ads, or dynamic ads

As a next step, you set your ad budget and schedule. Typically, there are three LinkedIn cost options: 

  • cost per impression (CPM) model is typically a better fit when your goal is brand awareness;
  • cost per send (CPS) can be used when you pay for each message ad that’s successfully delivered;
  • cost per click (CPC) is often used for action-oriented campaigns like lead generation or event registration.

By taking advantage of these different pay models, LinkedIn ads could be effective for any sized business. Along with choosing the cost option for your campaign, you’ll enter a suggested bid, daily/lifetime budget, start date, end date, and total budget. Said that, LinkedIn advertising comes with a few minimums that all advertisers must spend:

  • ten dollar daily budget for any ad format;
  • $100 minimum lifetime budget for new, inactive campaigns;
  • daily budget of ten dollars multiplied by the total days scheduled once the campaign launches. 

Be sure to test and measure different campaigns and ad variations before investing a lot of money into one. If your ad doesn’t resonate with your target audience, you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on it.

Who should be using LinkedIn to advertise?

Businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from LinkedIn marketing. If you’re considering advertising on LinkedIn, ask yourself these questions to determine whether this platform is a good fit for your brand, product, or service:

  • Does my product or service fit into what my target audience is looking for?
  • Does my audience spend time engaging on LinkedIn?
  • Can LinkedIn ads help me achieve business objectives?
  • Does LinkedIn targeting capabilities fit into my buyer persona?
  • Do I have the budget to run the preferred ad type?
  • Do any of the ad types closely match my objectives?
  • Can I create a positive ROI?

And if the answers to these questions are mostly yes, don’t wait until the ship has already sailed. With different advertisement formats and targeting options, it could be worth your while to leverage LinkedIn and connect with new audiences, partners, and job prospects.

Whom can you target on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn ads help you get your product in front of the right people when they’re most engaged. These can be prospective pitches, high-intent customers, potential partners or job prospects. 

Most importantly, you can target an audience based on attributes such as location, industry, connections, company revenue/size, job experience, education, demographics, etc. You can also A/B test your audience —slightly alter the targeting parameters to understand the audience who matters the most to your business objectives.

Using AI to run and target your ads

Whether you’re creating text ads, sponsored content, or retargeting display ads, automation can have a profound impact on the performance of your ad campaigns and leave you with more time to spend on high-level items.

Zopto helps users simplify prospecting efforts and grow their business with an advanced LinkedIn automation tool. With Zopto LinkedIn lead generation tool, you can earn hot leads generated on auto-pilot. It also offers auto-scale invitation requests, AI-assisted follow-up messages, and smart LinkedIn post engagement. 
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Dana Vines works in Sales and Business Development as a full time digital nomad. She helps B2B and B2C companies develop partnerships across the globe. When she's not working on building relationships, you might find her scuba diving, at a live music event, or planning her next destination.