Industry: Marketing

Using Zopto campaigns for my clients has increased my revenue by 30%. Zopto campaigns have had the strongest impact on generating excellent qualified leads. They have also helped our clients save money on paid media campaigns.

Maria Garcia Quintana

Customer story

Marak Digital Marketing, under the leadership of CEO Maria Garcia Quintana, provides comprehensive digital marketing solutions to a range of clients.

The Challenge: Enhancing Lead Quality and Increasing Revenue

Marak Digital Marketing’s paid media campaigns attracted a large number of leads, but many were unqualified, leading to low conversion rates.

The company initially relied on various paid media campaigns to generate leads. However, these leads were often unqualified. Maria recognized the need for a more targeted and effective lead generation strategy to drive business growth.

Solution: Implementing Zopto

Maria decided to integrate Zopto into her lead generation strategy. Zopto’s ability to send personalized and targeted messages to specific demographics showed promise for enhancing lead quality and streamlining her marketing process.

The Results

The company now generates an average of 60 qualified leads per month. These leads are more aligned with Marak’s ideal customer profile, significantly improving conversion potential, and generating an overall 30% increase in revenue. The higher quality of leads has directly translated into more conversions and greater overall business success.

One of the most notable successes was with a client in the education sector. Using Zopto campaigns, Marak Digital Marketing was able to capture all prospective students for this client. Furthermore, the campaigns were highly effective in helping clients secure new job opportunities, demonstrating the versatility and impact of Zopto across different client needs.

Integrating Zopto into the Sales and Marketing Funnel

Zopto campaigns have become an essential component of Marak’s sales and marketing funnel, helping facilitate sending targeted messages at various stages, enhancing engagement and nurturing relationships throughout the customer journey.

By reducing reliance on less effective paid media campaigns, she has been able to save money while achieving better results, all while fostering direct, person-to-person relationships through LinkedIn, enhancing client satisfaction and loyalty.