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These days, customers prefer working with businesses that show their value through more than just a sales pitch. Customer acquisition techniques have therefore evolved to focus more on the best ways to position your business. The goal is to make it easy for customers to fall in love with your offer. 

Businesses are constantly looking for new methods of customer acquisition that are organic and unforced. It’s common knowledge that marketing strategies come and go and what worked today may fail woefully in a week. Marketers must develop new ways to find customers almost daily.

Getting leads to convert isn’t an easy task. Businesses are advised to use multiple strategies because sometimes what they think won’t work can turn out to be what causes customers to flock to them. One of these strategies is customer acquisition using LinkedIn. 

Why LinkedIn is important for customer acquisition

Social media platforms have changed the game in direct-to-customer marketing. Techniques like promotions, incredible customer experiences, and user-generated content are just a few ways brands have leveraged social media to gain new customers. However, many brands overlook customer acquisition through LinkedIn as they build their social media marketing strategy. 

LinkedIn is so much more than a networking platform for professionals. When used the right way by combining techniques and background knowledge, it’s a fantastic customer acquisition tool. Many people actively use LinkedIn daily; over eight hundred million to be precise. So, what better place to find new customers than somewhere you’re guaranteed to have an audience? 

Research also shows LinkedIn is more effective in lead generation than other major social media platforms, such as Facebook. It has a rate of 13 percent for converting visitors to leads.

Proven strategies to win new customers


Build the right network

Building a network of your target audience makes converting leads a lot easier. Narrow down your connections to demographics that fit into your business niche. Doing this means you’ll have a higher chance of getting them to convert since they’re already interested in your offer. 

You may have to leverage paid features like LinkedIn Premium, which allows you to see hidden information about users and contact users who aren’t part of your connections. Another helpful additional LinkedIn feature is LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It makes it easier to search for users on a granular level and find the perfect leads. 

When you find your ideal customer, connecting with similar people is easy. You can build your network further by using the “people also viewed” button. This feature shows users similar to your prospects who could also be interested in your products or services. Another growth hack is to direct traffic from your personal profile to your business page. 


Leverage ad campaigns for organic traffic

Getting right in front of customers using ads is as effective in boosting traffic as on other social media platforms, such as Instagram. LinkedIn ads help put posts and pages in front of prospective customers without much effort. 

Thanks to highly efficient targeting parameters, you can run all kinds of ads. From video ads to text and display ads shown to users with your exact customer profile. This extreme targeting helps drive engagement and grow your followers, especially when establishing your online presence. It might cost you some money, but the good thing is you won’t have to run ads forever. Once you have a healthy follower base, you can slow down on the ads. 

Build brand advocacy via customer service

One of the best ways to keep your existing clients and attract new ones is by showing you care. Addressing client concerns and providing customer service via LinkedIn shows your brand listens and builds brand advocacy. Many customers turn to social media to vent about a product or service when dissatisfied. Failing to respond or provide prompt solutions to their problems can have adverse consequences. 

Learning about a customer’s bad experience with your business can be disheartening, but don’t let that weigh you down. It can be an opportunity to turn them into happy customers who never stop advocating for your brand, but that depends on how well you handle the situation. Prompt response and support lead to higher trust and shows prospective customers you’re a business that listens.

Sometimes, dissatisfied clients won’t tag your brand. Having a tool that alerts you to social mentions can help your business know what people have to say about their experiences. 

LinkedIn videos for each stage of the customer journey

Video content is interactive, eye-catching, and drives engagement. Share in-house videos created by your team or relevant video content that will help customers convert. You can either use videos for ads or share videos with information, such as product demos and company stories. 

Unlike other platforms, the great thing about sharing videos on LinkedIn is that they have a fair time limit. Videos can be up to thirty minutes long. When making videos, remember to tailor video content for lead acquisitions to where your customers are in their buyer journey. Optimize their experience while staying aligned with your campaign objectives of getting them to convert.

When creating videos for customers in the consideration stage, create videos that enhance experiences and share the human side of your business. Videos such as employees talking about how they feel about working at your company are a safe bet. 

At the conversion stage, customers know everything they want about your business. It’s time to give that final push and show them why they should make a purchase. Sharing a video like a testimonial video helps build confidence and convince buyers you can provide a solution to their challenges. 


Leverage data to glean insight

LinkedIn provides metrics and data that are a veritable goldmine for marketers. You can glean valuable data on customer behaviour and preferences based on their interactions like shares, comments, mentions, and more. 

Data helps marketers make better decisions and deliver improved services. Knowing precisely what your customers like to see can help create more personalized experiences and messaging. These posts can also attract audiences with similar tastes, thus growing your customer base. 

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Dana Vines works in Sales and Business Development as a full time digital nomad. She helps B2B and B2C companies develop partnerships across the globe. When she's not working on building relationships, you might find her scuba diving, at a live music event, or planning her next destination.