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Generating leads let alone the correct leads for your business or campaign doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’re a vendor, partner, or reseller of Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and not getting the desired software leads from your current investments, this blog is just for you. We’ll discuss the challenges in generating new ERP leads, and how LinkedIn automation can help you stay ahead of the game. 

What’s the challenge in tapping ERP leads?

If you’re selling an Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system —that helps companies automate and integrate core business processes in one fluid system — you may be finding it challenging to market your products and get quality B2B leads. There can be various reasons for the same.

Lack of product awareness

Many potential customers aren’t aware of the ERP vendors and their offerings. They’re unsure of how the specific features can build continuity and resiliency into their business and processes through streamlined integrations, automation, and resiliency.

Cut-throat competition

The competition to get a bigger bite of the market is very stiff with several ERP vendors — different shapes and sizes — out there trying to identify leads, nurture them and get them onboard.

Figuring out qualified leads

To target high-quality leads, you must first identify the buyer persona who’ll significantly benefit and find value from your ERP software. And then devise your lead generation strategy and tactics to position your brand and product features.

Go full-scale on LinkedIn automation

ERP software marketers should not neglect the prospects of finding leads and high-intent buyers on social media, primarily LinkedIn — an excellent source to fuel growth. But, traditional manual processes to run advertisements and pitching may not deliver top-tier results.

In such a scenario, automation will save you time — sometimes so much that you’ll utilize it to exponentially grow your leads. And this would fuel a sustainable customer acquisition funnel. Here’s how social media automation can help you identify leads, reach out to them where they’re, and push them further down the funnel:

Automatically qualify, filter leads

Identifying where to spend sales efforts manually is difficult and time-consuming. It would require you to research the industries and businesses that need ERP solutions. You’ll also have to identify who qualifies as ERP lead: administrators, end users, or C-suite executives.

Using the LinkedIn lead generation tool, you can build an advanced list of prospects based on hundreds of criteria and automate lead filtering. Such tools can automatically identify relevant terms and characteristics that make a lead a greater potential client.

Create templated content/responses

With buyer journeys increasingly spread across new channels and customers expecting more personalized experiences, finding the best leads becomes even more challenging. Not to mention, the B2B buyers have varied needs and expectations.

LinkedIn automation allows you to create multiple campaigns for different audiences and market segments using automated messaging. You can choose from a growing list of high-converting templates, including invites, in-mails, and sequences, and create compelling copies and designs quickly. You can even integrate the LinkedIn automation tool with your CRM database to streamline personalization. The tool can also automate and adapt your message’s information, tone, and length to better engage the recipient.

Harness the power of AI lead gen tools

Generating leads for your ERP solution may seem daunting. You can still create an effective lead generation strategy and attract the right people to your sales pipeline using advanced LinkedIn automation tools. 

Zopto is a cloud-based social selling and lead generation tool, which can help you generate hot leads for your ERP software- all on autopilot. You can personalize engagement with automated email invites and AI-assisted follow-up messages, and access reports and statistics on lead generation campaigns.

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