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In this new series of blogs, we’re going to talk to our Zopto clients to find out more about their missions, and how Zopto helped them achieve their objectives using LinkedIn automation.

For our first interview, we contacted Adebayo Onafuwa, Team Manager at DiverseJobsMatter.

What is DiverseJobsMatter?

DiverseJobsMatter is a UK-based talent platform that promotes diversity and inclusion within the recruitment process. The business aims at facilitating an improved Direct Hiring model by driving underrepresented candidates directly to their Applicant Tracking System or inbox. They ensure that shortlists sent to live vacancies are always inclusive and representative of the thriving communities of the United Kingdom.

Our interview with Adebayo

Hi, my name is Adebayo and I’m the team manager for Diverse Jobs Matter. We’re a specialist job board that helps our clients who are truly  passionate about improving diversity within their workforce to find highly qualified candidates.

What area of your business are you most passionate about?

There are two things we do really well,  the first is that we make sure that all our CVs are anonymized, this helps our clients  really focus in on the skills and qualities of the candidates. Secondly, we ensure that we represent  the diversity proportion of the region that you’re looking for. For instance, London has a 44% BAME  diversity proportion, which means that four  or five out of 10 of our shortlist candidates  will come from that diversity proportion.

What problem were you trying to solve with Zopto?

As a startup, what you really want to do is quickly reach out to your connections to  be able to share the value of your job board, but this has not been easy, very time consuming, especially when you’re having to juggle many other  aspects of the business.

After we signed up to the agency package of Zopto, there was a great transformation and relief. We were able to save time by sending organic but automated messages and sequences to our connections.

What were the results that made you go ‘WOW’? 

Zopto was able to help us reach 20 to 30 of our connections every day, imagine the manual labor that would  have taken, now we had time back to be able to focus on other aspects and engage with our connections as they responded.

What made you happiest about working with us?

As software, Zopto has really helped us, we’ve been able to build better engagement relationships through them  and I’m really happy that for the last four to five months that we’ve used them, we’ve seen an improvement in the percentage of the respond rate to even first connections as well.

What would you tell someone who’s considering Zopto?

So I would definitely recommend Zopto, and we will for sure continue to use it.


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