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How to Generate ERP Leads on LinkedIn

Here’s how LinkedIn automation can help you earn leads for your ERP software.

Jonathan Javier from Wonsulting: LinkedIn Tips to Make Your Profile Stand Out

Jonathan Javier of Wonsulting discusses how LinkedIn networking and optimising profiles plays a crucial role in today’s job-hunting landscape.

How To Bypass The LinkedIn Weekly Invite Limit

Hitting those annoying LinkedIn invitation limits? Have no fear! Zopto has your back with a ton of new features to help mitigate the new restrictions.

How Fit Academy Boosted Their Revenue Using LinkedIn Outreach and Zopto+

For the second interview of The Zopto Experience series, we contacted one of our first Zopto Plus clients, Osayi Osunde – owner of Fit Academy – to talk about his experience with our new product. Zopto Plus is our new 100% done-for-you LinkedIn lead generation and appointment-setting solution, where we handle the full campaigns setup, … Continued

How DiverseJobsMatter expanded Using Zopto

In this new series of blogs, we’re going to talk to our Zopto clients to find out more about their missions, and how Zopto helped them achieve their objectives using LinkedIn automation. For our first interview, we contacted Adebayo Onafuwa, Team Manager at DiverseJobsMatter. What is DiverseJobsMatter? DiverseJobsMatter is a UK-based talent platform that promotes … Continued

Crafting The Perfect LinkedIn Post in 2021

Just like with all social networking sites, content reigns supreme when it comes to LinkedIn. You might not see LinkedIn as an equivalent to Facebook or Instagram in the never-ending need for more content, but it’s very similar. Each site operates with an algorithm where the type of content you share is quintessential to expanding … Continued

Create LinkedIn Video Messages using AI

This tutorial will revolutionise your Automated LinkedIn Lead Generation as we will be showing you how to create hyper-personalised synthetic AI Lead Generation campaigns.

Add ALC and VoIP to your Zopto agency portal in 5 minutes.

Growth Hack For Your Anonymous Visitors

As a pre-requisite for this tutorial we will need: A Zopto Account A Zapier Account A Google Drive Account (we will be using Google Sheets) A Leadworx Account At the end of every month, most sales and marketing managers will have a HUGE spreadsheet that contains all the growth from the previous month. How much … Continued

Master your First-Degree Linkedin Connections.

With over 4000+ connections on LinkedIn, I wanted to see how many demos I could get in one week with my first-degree connections. Okay, whilst I’m all about booking demos, I still wanted to book demos with relevant people. Luckily, we have a great guide on how to use Sales Navigator’s features. Also, Zopto just … Continued