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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is integral to providing customers with personalized experiences with your brand. Integrating CRM with tools, such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator, can help boost your company’s presence with consumers, enabling you to cut through the noise and connect directly with customers.

The advantages of integrating with LinkedIn automation tools are numerous, and every business can stand to gain from it. Millions of potential leads and prospects fit your customer profile, and all you need to do is connect with them. 

Many other businesses are harnessing the advantages of CRM integration tools to capture, keep track of leads, improve sales funnel efficiency, and so much more. Let’s take a deeper look at what LinkedIn CRM integration is and some of the reasons why your business should be taking advantage of it. 

What is LinkedIn CRM integration, and why leverage it?

LinkedIn CRM integration allows sales teams to focus on generating and sustaining their relationships with leads by improving key CRM functionalities. Things like filtering searches, validating data, and creating contacts are just some activities that can be enhanced using LinkedIn integration with CRM. 

Features of LinkedIn CRM integration 

The Sales Navigator app package makes it easy to view important information such as embedded profile information from LinkedIn to your CRM tool. It allows the sales team to view data from LinkedIn directly in the tool. This makes the sales teams’ tasks much easier as they’ll have fewer reasons to navigate back and forth from social networking sites to the CRM software to keep track of leads and customers. 

Data validation. This feature improves data quality and keeps information up-to-date by flagging obsolete customer data. It enhances the quality of your pipeline by pointing out deals at critical stages and identifying new business opportunities. Since it automatically sorts and improves data quality, it improves your marketing and sales teams’ efficiency since they’ll no longer manually validate data and be freed up to focus on other areas. 

Contact creation. With this feature, teams can create records of all their contacts and lead from the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and it’s updated in their CRM system. It saves users from the time and resources usually exerted in adding contacts from LinkedIn into their CRM. 

Reasons to leverage CRM integration.

Optimize sales funnel

It can be difficult keeping track of every customer in your sales funnel and where they are in their buying journey, especially in larger corporations. With an integrated CRM, everything from capturing leads, processing them into your database, and making contact with them is significantly easier. This improves your communication, allowing sales teams to correctly identify what stage a lead is in and targeting them with the right messaging and communications. 

Break the ice with personalized outreach

Once you’ve established contact with a lead and processed them into your database, it’s time to hit them with the magic of personalization. This is where many businesses get stuck, so having a tool that makes it easier is incredibly helpful. Integrating a LinkedIn tool such as Zopto that allows you to target customers with the right messaging that matches their position in your sales funnel can be a game changer. 

A lead is more likely to purchase from a business that shares informative and valuable content with them after initial contact rather than one that immediately starts trying to sell them their product. So having information about your leads’ interests, education, or company can give you an advantage over competitors going in blindly with no information on the client. Use the information you have to send them a personalized message, such as commenting on a recent post they shared or talk about their education or experience. This shows the lead your business is genuinely interested in them and not just looking to close a deal. This builds trust and increases the likelihood of them becoming loyal customers. 

Gain more high-quality leads

Collating leads manually is not only time-consuming, but it can also affect the quality of leads. Since the sales team is usually working at their discretion, it’s easy for low-quality leads to fall between the cracks. LinkedIn Sales Navigator improves the quality of leads by ensuring strict filtering against criteria you’ve set, so no leads that don’t match your buyer persona are included in your database. You can also improve your lead quality using account recommendations and sales preferences which allow you to align the recommendations from LinkedIn with your buyer personas, such as checking if they match your target industry or seniority levels. 

Seamlessly follow up with leads

Following up with leads in your CRM database directly from the sales navigator is another advantage of CRM integration your business can enjoy. Features like InMails make it easy to send messages to leads even if you haven’t connected with them yet. InMails come in a limited quantity (fifty for LinkedIn Sales Navigator users), so use them carefully. Another feature you can leverage is creating alerts that notify you when a lead does something, such as publish a post, get a promotion, or any other significant activity. You can send them a message, like, or comment on their activity straight from Sales Navigator

Automate data capture and gain deeper insights

Data is crucial for understanding whether or not your sales efforts are working. Ensuring you’re progressing toward your goals can also influence your future sales strategies, so you keep accomplishing them or improving on them where they’re not working. 

The Sales Navigator gives you reports with detailed data on your performance, showing activity, and metrics on effectiveness. LinkedIn also allows you to export data into CSV files using extraction tools, making it easier to upload information from there into other systems like email automation tools, further strengthening your sales efforts. 

Why integrate Zopto with LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Zopto makes it easy to integrate its processes with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, giving you the freedom to make the most of both platforms. It improves the sales team’s workflow by making data exchange between platforms more effortless and seamless. Integrating Zopto also gives your team insights into improving your sales and marketing campaigns and closing deals with a human-centered approach despite being automated. Contact us today to get started on integrating Zopto into Linked Sales Navigator.


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