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LinkedIn is a platform where just about every professional and salesperson needs to be. It’s a place where you can meet and connect with industry names and decision-makers, as well as expand your own brand awareness. As the platform has grown, many useful tools have been introduced. Many of these can help you make the most out of your personal or business account. With that in mind, we take a look at some of the best LinkedIn tools for boosting sales. As well as looking at some of LinkedIn’s own apps, we also explore some useful third-party ones. These tools can help with automation for LinkedIn, as well as with many other processes.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

When it comes to generating leads, there are few tools out there that are as useful as LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It’s the ideal way of targeting the right people and engaging them in an effective way. 

Why You Should Try It

There are so many features that come with Sales Navigator. Ultimately, it makes your outreach and lead generation far easier, ensuring you connect with the right buyers. Here are some of the key features you can expect from the service: 

  • Search for companies and leads. The advanced and detailed search function lets you add a wide variety of filters, making your searches as thorough and direct as possible. 
  •  Lead recommendations. The advanced analytics will provide you with accurate account suggestions customized for your needs. 
  • Integrate with CRM. You can export all of the data and details on your lead searches to CRM with a single click. 
  • Real-time insights. With a range of data points and analytics information, you can get relative updates in real-time, making it easier to target your leads. 

How To Use It

There are several tiers of Sales Navigator available. Depending on the size and scale of your business and sales efforts, you can choose a service that’s right for you. It’s easy to get set up with an account, and there are various ways you can use it. 

Perhaps the most useful way is to use it as a way of saving leads and accounts you want to monitor. If you have individuals or organizations in your pipeline, you can keep them pinned to your news feed. Similarly, you can set up alerts on your leads, helping you keep an eye out on key changes in the market. 


Crystal uses what’s known as a ‘Personality AI’ to analyze millions of data points to find out more information about people’s online personality. For a salesperson on LinkedIn, it makes connecting with anyone a far easier process. 

Why You Should Try It

As any good salesperson knows, understanding the motivation, behavior, and personality of your leads is crucial to building a rapport. Crystal examines the millions of data points that an online profile creates to determine these factors. It’s a discreet and easy-to-use tool that helps professionals build better relationships. 

There are several ways that you can use the tool as part of your sales process: 

  • Adapt your approach. You can tailor your messages, emails, calls, and meetings for each customer’s unique personality. 
  • Improve teamwork. If you work with multiple other sales professionals, you can have a cohesive and collaborative approach using the data from Crystal. 

How To Use It

There are several ways you can use Crystal while you’re working on LinkedIn. As well as using the website and mobile app, you can also install a browser add-on to give you real-time information. 

The service automatically analyses things like tex samples, responses to assessments, and a variety of other attributes. With this information, it will predict a personality type that is, on average, 80% accurate. 

You can open a lead or connection’s LinkedIn profile and ask them to take a personality assessment on Crystal. From here, you can gain a deeper insight into the way they think and act, making for a better professional relationship for both parties. 

LinkedIn Small Business

It’s always tough for small businesses that are just getting started. It can be hard to grow your network and generate leads, all while managing the day-to-day tasks. LinkedIn recognized this fact, which is why they created their Small Business service. 

Why You Should Try It

There are several ways that LinkedIn Small Business can benefit your company. The platform worked with a variety of entrepreneurs to develop a range of features that help businesses get their name out there, including: 

  • Free public ads. You can let the world know about the services you’re offering and what your company is all about. 
  • Intuitive search. People searching for keywords related to your products or services can easily find you in search. 
  • Free contact. Potential customers and clients can easily contact you for free, giving you a source of new leads. 
  • Resources. The LinkedIn for Small Business page provides you with a range of tailored products and resources to help you grow online. 

How To Use It

There are several ways that you can make use of this service. First and foremost, it’s an information hub where you can find out everything you need to know about getting set up on LinkedIn. It’s also a place where you can establish your brand and get it out into the public domain. 

The Open for Business toll helps you get your business in front of the right people, meaning that new opportunities come to you. You’ll also appear in the ‘service providers’ filter, which helps you gain visibility with the right people. 


Discoverly is a Chrome extension that lets you see information from social media networks as you browse. What this means is that as you browse LinkedIn, you can also see an individual’s Twitter and Facebook data. 

Why You Should Try It

You can probably already guess why this simple extension is so useful. When you’re targeting leads on LinkedIn, you’ll want to know as much data about them as possible. This can save you a huge amount of time when you’re looking for an introduction to a potential client or when sales prospecting. 

Discoverly essentially augments that data that you can already see. So, along with their professional details on LinkedIn, you’ll also be able to get a more personal look at who they are. When it comes to engaging with them on LinkedIn or other platforms, this can give you the edge you need to make a positive impression. When it comes to things like boosting your SSI score, it’s also highly useful. 

How To Use It

When you’re looking at many LinkedIn profiles per day, you’ll find that having as much data as possible at a glance can be vital. As with many of the best LinkedIn tools we’ve mentioned so far, you need to make sure that you’re maximizing the potential of this one. 

Once you’re on a LinkedIn profile, you’ll see the green Discoverly icon, which means there is extra information available. Clicking on this will reveal social media information like their Twitter data and Facebook mutual friends. From here, you can determine whether or not the prospect is one you need to engage with, making the process much faster. 


Zopto is one of the best LinkedIn automation tools out there. It gives you the chance to target your ideal customers on the platform, as well as attract hundreds of hot leads in an easy-to-use feed. You can also automate LinkedIn outreach campaigns. 

Why You Should Try It

There are many reasons why Zopto is one of the best LinkedIn tools. Once you’ve used Sales Navigator or LinkedIn Premium to filter down the very best potential customers, you can use Zopto to select the desired level of engagement for them. From here, you can enable a variety of LinkedIn features for each one, such as InMails, Twitter Engagement, Sequential Messaging, and more. 

Once set up, you’ll get a steady stream of hot leads through Zopto’s automation service. The live dashboard also gives you a variety of insights into how your campaigns are performing, meaning you can make sure everything is running as planned.

How To Use It

You can use Zopto to fully automate your LinkedIn outreach campaigns. The cloud-based software means that you can do so from just about anywhere, without having to rely on your device or internet connection. 

It takes just minutes to get started with Zopto. Once you’ve chosen your level of service, you can log into both your Zopto and LinkedIn account and connect the two. From there, you only need to outline a few details before the service is up and running. 

Final thoughts 

As you can see, there are a variety of essential LinkedIn tools that you can use to enhance your experience with the platform. Each of these can help you boost your sales and LinkedIn marketing efforts. As well as getting detailed information about the people you want to connect with, you can get a fresh selection of leads per day, making lead generation a straightforward process.  

Is LinkedIn good for sales leads?

Yes, LinkedIn, especially Sales Navigator, is excellent for finding and nurturing sales leads due to its extensive professional network and detailed targeting options.

How do I find direct clients on LinkedIn?

Use the advanced search capabilities in Sales Navigator or basic LinkedIn to find and connect with decision-makers in your target industries.

How do I get direct clients on LinkedIn?

Start by making warm introductions, sharing valuable content, and building a rapport. Over time, you can propose your services.

What is the AI tool for LinkedIn profile?

Zopto is a powerful AI tool for LinkedIn, offering features like targeted campaigns, data filtering, and comprehensive analytics.

How do I promote sales on LinkedIn?

Highlight customer testimonials, share case studies, and offer limited-time deals or exclusive offers to your LinkedIn audience.

Can LinkedIn Gold see private?

LinkedIn does not offer a “Gold” membership status. All memberships are clearly stated (Free, Premium Career, Premium Business, etc.)

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