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No matter what industry you work in, a LinkedIn company page is pretty much essential these days. It gives you the chance to start building your brand awareness and earn hot LinkedIn leads on a platform that’s specifically for people to do business. However, getting such traction can be challenging, particularly at first. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can increase your company page followers. We take a look at how to invite LinkedIn connections to follow your company page and boost your B2B lead generation prospects. 

Inviting LinkedIn Connections

First things first, let’s look at LinkedIn connections and why they’re important to businesses. LinkedIn is a platform that over 610 million professionals use. As such, it’s the most extensive business networking tool out there, with users in more than 200 countries across the globe. For businesses, this scale and scope offers an unrivaled opportunity for B2B lead generation.

Of course, it’s not just potential customers that are valuable to sales teams. Many of your existing customers will also have LinkedIn profiles, meaning you can build a solid network from people you already know.

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to connect with other people, expanding your brand reach, and awareness. Of course, there are also many powerful LinkedIn automation tools that allow you to search for and reach out to new people. As we’ll see, having a high follower count plays a significant role in this brand presence.

Why invite LinkedIn Connections?

If you’re an avid social media user, you’re probably already familiar with the strange rush that comes from having a high number of friends, followers, and engagements with your content. It’s an odd phenomenon, yet it gives a feeling of success and validation. For a LinkedIn company page, it’s exactly that.

The more followers your brand has, the further your influence. This has several implications from a business point of view:

  • Promotion. You’re able to promote your products and services to a wider audience, and high-intent potential customers who require what you have to offer. 
  • Marketing. If you’ve an external website, LinkedIn is the ideal support tool. A huge 46 percent of social media traffic going to B2B company sites comes from LinkedIn. You can drive visitors to your own platform from LinkedIn.
  • Find talent. Whether you’re looking to expand your sales team or improve another area of the business, you’ll have followers that are primed and ready for any vacancies you have.
  • Improve credibility. LinkedIn is the ideal platform to create and share content. If you’re looking to build authority in your industry, having your followers like and share such content can add credibility to your brand.
  • Increase awareness. There are so many conversations occurring on LinkedIn. You can not only join in with this discourse, but also raise awareness of issues that are important to your business.

As you can see, some of these points are invaluable to organizations of all sizes. By having a company page on LinkedIn and inviting connections, you can access this huge potential.

What Does the Invite Feature Offer?

The LinkedIn invite feature has a slightly odd past. It was one that was available in years past, before being removed due to a large amount of spam. Users and businesses were seemingly frustrated by those who were abusing the feature. In May last year, it was briefly re-introduced before being withdrawn once again. However, now it’s back, seemingly for good.

The invite feature gives company page admins the chance to connect with other LinkedIn users. You’d hope that page admins would have at least some restraint.

There are a few restrictions on the feature:

  • Page admins with fewer than 500 connections can invite everyone they’re connected with. Those with over 500 have to manually select who they want to invite.
  • It can only be used by company pages with fewer than 100,000 followers. So, larger organizations won’t be able to abuse the feature.
  • Only admins with more than 3 connections can use invites.
  • Admins can only send one invite to their connections, meaning they won’t be able to spam users.
  • Only 50 new invites can be sent per session.

So, if you’re looking to pinpoint potential prospects, this feature could be an incredibly useful tool. What’s more, users won’t be spammed by unscrupulous users. Additionally, users can opt-out of receiving such invites, leaving everyone happy.

How to Invite Followers on LinkedIn Company Pages

If all this sounds appealing, you’re probably wondering how to invite followers on LinkedIn company pages. Thankfully, it’s a relatively easy task, although there are some restrictions. For example, page admins can only invite their 1st-degree connections to their company page in LinkedIn.

Here’s how to start:

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn account
  2. Visit your Admin View, which is on the left side of your LinkedIn homepage on desktops.
  3. Click on the Admin tools dropdown. Here, you’ll see an option to invite connections.
  4. Select the connections you want to invite to your LinkedIn company page.
  5. Click on Invite connections. This will send an invitation to the people you’ve selected.

It’s that simple to get started, although you’ll have to bear in mind the other restrictions we outlined above. It’s worth noting that those already invited, as well as those already following your company page, will be filtered out. What’s more, LinkedIn advises that you should only send invites to those who you think will be genuinely interested. Make sure to send those that accept a thank you message.

Tips To Increase Your LinkedIn Company Page Followers

Although it’s simple to invite people to your LinkedIn company page, there are plenty of limits and restrictions that make it difficult to grow your followers. So how else can you boost the number of people engaging with your brand? Thankfully, there are several ways to do so:

Complete your profile

Although this seems like an obvious point, there are plenty of businesses that fail to fully fill out their profiles. You should look beyond just the basic information you have to provide, as there is so much more you can offer.

Start by looking at some keywords that are relevant to your business niche. Make sure to include these on your profile (without going overboard), as well as your tagline. You should also ensure that your contact information is correct, with a strong call to action wherever possible.

Create content

We all know that content is king, and LinkedIn is an ideal platform on which to share it. You should have a content plan that includes the regular creation and posting of content to your profile. Whether it’s articles, videos, or infographics, you need industry-relevant material that people are going to find useful.

Whether you create the content yourself or outsource it to a professional, take some time to think about the subjects that are relevant to you, your business, and your potential customers. If your followers engage with what you post, you’ll find that new connections are sure to follow.

Optimize your posts

As well as the actual content itself, you’ll also need to think carefully about the post containing them. Again, you’ll want to make sure this follows a regular routine, so your followers know when to check your company page for updates.

You should research and use hashtags that’re going to give your post momentum, making it visible to new potential followers. Similarly, you’ll want to take into account things like SEO, ensuring that people searching for those terms will notice your content.

Promote your page

LinkedIn gives you plenty of opportunities to promote your business and your content, but it’s not the only way of doing so. You should make sure your LinkedIn company page is included on things like your marketing communications, email signature, and blog posts.

Ultimately, when it comes to how to invite followers on LinkedIn company pages, you need to think on a wider scale than just LinkedIn itself.

Final Thoughts

Clearly, the newly re-added invite feature is a potential game-changer for all kinds of businesses. For those who are just starting out with their LinkedIn brand presence, it can be a significant tool for attracting new followers and LinkedIn leads. However, there are restrictions in place to stop people from abusing it.

If you’re trying to generate new leads, expand your reach, and gain new followers, it’s certainly worth using invites. On the other hand, there are plenty of other ways to grow the number of followers you have. So, make sure that you don’t neglect other lucrative ways of promoting your page. Your goal is to spread the news of your company and all it does through LinkedIn and other channels, whether through creating content, pinpointing LinkedIn leads, or getting people to follow your page.

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Below, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about LinkedIn invites and how to grow your followers on the networking platform. These can give you a quick answer on some of the essential points we’ve covered above:

How to increase followers in LinkedIn

There are many ways you can increase the number of followers your company page has. As well as invites, you can also create and share content, as well as join groups and discussions related to your industry.

How to make a company page on LinkedIn

It’s easy to create a company LinkedIn page. The first thing you need to do is to click the ‘Work’ icon at the top of your homepage. From there, you’ll see an option to ‘Create a Company Page.’ You can then enter a variety of details about the type of company and other information about your business. Clicking the ‘create page’ button will then guide you through the next steps.

How to share a post on LinkedIn company page

Once your page is set up, you can navigate to the ‘home’ section of your profile. There, you’ll see three dots underneath the ‘Publish a Post’ option. You can then select ‘Recent Updates.’ Next, scroll down until you see the company post you created, and click ‘share’. You can then create a comment for the post.

How can I see my followers on my LinkedIn company page?

LinkedIn makes it easy to see and increase the number of followers you have on your company page. The first thing you need to do is click on the ‘More’ icon next to any of the posts you’ve made. Here, you’ll see an option to ‘improve my feed’. You can then click on the ‘Followers’ tab which will show you a list of everyone following you.

If you would like to check out the portal, please click here

How many LinkedIn followers is good?

The number of LinkedIn followers is subjective; what’s important is they’re relevant to your profession or industry. Even a few hundred engaged followers can be beneficial.

How to get 1K followers on LinkedIn?

To get 1K followers on LinkedIn, consistently share relevant, high-quality content, engage with your network through likes and comments, and actively participate in relevant industry groups.

How to get 10k followers on LinkedIn?

To get 10k followers on LinkedIn, you need to create great content, engage with your network through likes and comments, and also possibly get a sales navigator account, so that you can bypass LinkedIn limits on sending connection requests or invites.

How to increase LinkedIn followers?

To increase LinkedIn followers, post valuable content regularly, interact with your audience, leverage relevant hashtags, and join professional groups related to your industry.

How do I convert my LinkedIn account to followers?

To convert your LinkedIn connections to followers, switch on the “Follow” button as the primary action on your profile. This enables new viewers to follow your updates without necessarily connecting.

What is the highest number of followers on LinkedIn?

As of May 2023, the highest number of followers on LinkedIn is held by Bill gates with over 35.9 million followers.

How do I grow my LinkedIn followers organically?

Growing LinkedIn followers organically requires regular engagement, sharing valuable content, and being active in relevant groups and discussions.

How to get 100k followers on LinkedIn?

To get 100k followers on LinkedIn, you should consistently share valuable and engaging content, interact with your audience, use relevant hashtags, optimize your profile, and consider using LinkedIn’s paid promotional tools.

How to get 1,000 followers organically?

To get 1,000 followers organically, consistently share quality content, engage with other users, optimize your profile for discoverability, and actively participate in relevant groups or discussions.

Can I buy LinkedIn followers?

Buying LinkedIn followers is against LinkedIn’s User Agreement. It’s better to grow your follower base organically by consistently sharing valuable content and engaging with others

How to get 500 LinkedIn followers?

Consistently share valuable content, engage with your network’s posts, and actively participate in LinkedIn groups relevant to your industry. Using LinkedIn’s “Invite to Follow” feature can also help.

How to get to 1,000 followers on LinkedIn?

Continue the strategies from the previous point and consider running a paid campaign to further boost your visibility and follower count.

How many LinkedIn followers is good?

This varies depending on your goals, industry, and the size of your business. Generally, having thousands of followers indicates a strong network.

Who has the most LinkedIn followers?

This could change frequently, but as of 2021, the person with the most followers was LinkedIn’s Co-Founder, Reid Hoffman.

Is 5000 followers on LinkedIn good?

Yes, having 5000 followers on LinkedIn signifies a strong network and can increase your reach on the platform.

How to get 100 followers on LinkedIn?

To get 100 followers on LinkedIn, be active, share insightful content, engage with other users’ content, and invite people to follow you.

Can I buy LinkedIn followers?

LinkedIn doesn’t support the buying of followers. Authentic, organic connections are recommended for meaningful professional networking.

Are there fake followers on LinkedIn?

Like other social platforms, LinkedIn can have fake followers. However, they don’t provide any real value and aren’t recommended.

How to get 10,000 followers on LinkedIn?

This requires a consistent and engaging content strategy, active networking, participation in relevant groups, leveraging the “Invite to Follow” feature, and possibly LinkedIn paid promotion.


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