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If you’ve been paying attention to LinkedIn updates over the past few months, you’ve probably seen the new LinkedIn limit on the number of invites per week you can send. 

Although many B2B businesses have been panicked by this update and worry it will stunt their outreach campaigns, it’s actually a positive change. 

But only if your outreach and lead generation is set up the right way. 

In this post, we’ll go through the new changes the LinkedIn update has brought and how it will impact your lead generation – you might be surprised by the results. 

Did you know setting your premium LinkedIn account to private can benefit your lead gen efforts? Read our guide to find out how.


LinkedIn’s New Update: LinkedIn Limits

LinkedIn recently implemented an update that saw weekly invite limits being placed on most accounts. 

For most people, the new weekly invitation limit is 100 invites. Although there’s no daily limit, that works out to around 20 to 25 connection requests per day.

This new limit applies to all accounts, whether you have a premium account or LinkedIn Sales Navigator. 

When you reach your connection weekly limit, you’ll get a notification pop up that says:

You’ve reached the weekly invitation limit 

Connections benefit you more when you know them personally, so we have weekly limits to encourage better networks.

For people you don’t know, you can follow them to see their posts or send an InMail instead. If you’d still like to send an invitation, please try again next week.

LinkedIn Limits Notification

LinkedIn limits: Then VS now

When LinkedIn began, the goal was to connect business people who had met in real life at conferences and networking events. So, there was a much larger limit on connection requests of 2500 a month to allow users to send requests to all the people they knew or worked with. 

But as the platform grew, LinkedIn became a place to meet new people and form new connections. And so came the spammers.

Before, some users and bots were sending hundreds of connection requests a day and muddying the waters on the platform.

Now, the new limits make sure people are more purposeful when sending connection requests by focusing on strategic account targeting

With the new update limiting it to 100 invitations per week, the focus shifts from growing large, generalized networks to valuable, targeted ones that can actually boost your lead generation efforts and engagement rates.


What Does This Mean for Your Outreach Efforts?

What Does This Mean for Your Outreach Efforts?

Whenever a social media platform implements an update with new restrictions, it can feel like a bad thing. Many B2B marketers and business owners are under the impression that new weekly invitation limits will make their outreach more difficult.

In fact, this is a good thing for B2B businesses already focused on creating quality outreach campaigns. 

Reduces the noise on LinkedIn 

With fewer spam accounts flooding people with connection requests, you’ll have less indirect competition and can cut through. 

For example, if your ideal client is a busy CEO, they might now only receive ten connection requests a day rather than 50. 

Reduces mass, generalized outreach

Over the past few years, LinkedIn has become overrun with bot accounts sending out irrelevant, spam connection requests and messages. Even if your company is focused on genuine outreach, you’re likely getting lost in the noise since users are more likely to ignore messages. 

Now, these spammy accounts won’t have the same reach so your quality lead gen efforts will be more effective as a byproduct.

Quality outreach will stand out

Because the volume of connection requests and messages will be drastically reduced, high-quality messages will stand out. LinkedIn users will likely spend time actually reading messages, and those that are targeted, personalized, and well-researched will be the ones that hit the mark. 


How Zopto Can Help You

If you’re concerned about the new weekly invitation limits on LinkedIn and are not sure how to make your outreach effective, Zopto has several key tools that will significantly improve your LinkedIn strategy. 

Zopto for your lead gen efforts

Email address finder tool

Our “get emails” feature will search your campaigns to find the business email addresses of the people you’re sending outreach messages to. If you have the email of the person you’re trying to connect with, you can request a connection privately and bypass the request limit

LinkedIn assumes that you must know a person to have their email, so this doesn’t get counted in their connection request limit. 

But it’s a pain searching the internet for the emails of your prospects. Our email feature finds them completely automatically (if they’re publicly available), saving you time and effort. 

Auto-follow tool

Our auto-follow feature is a powerful tool that allows you to automatically follow all of the accounts on your prospect list. This is a simple strategy, but gets each of your prospects familiar with your brand before outreach, meaning they are more likely to accept a request from you when they receive it.

InMail campaigns

InMail only campaigns allow you to message prospects that have their profiles set to open. This means they can receive free InMail messages – another way of getting around the weekly request limit.

Our tool automates the InMail message process and allows you to create personalized campaigns that are highly effective. You can also track the progress of your campaigns and automatically follow up. 

Posting tool

Lastly, Zopto has a push posting tool that lets you publish a LinkedIn post to your profile from the Zopto dashboard. You can schedule your content calendar and forget about it for a month, or quickly post an article as you’re working on your campaigns. 

Although this doesn’t directly help with connection requests, it makes content marketing on LinkedIn so much easier and gives you a single dashboard to handle all of your LinkedIn lead generation strategies. 



How long does an invitation last on LinkedIn?

When you send a LinkedIn invitation, it will automatically expire after six months if it’s ignored. LinkedIn will send the recipient two reminders about the request to make sure they see it, but no further reminders after that. 

Having loads of open invitations to people can trigger your account as spam with the LinkedIn algorithm, which is why it’s important to be strategic about who you send requests to. If your request isn’t accepted within a month, delete it to avoid spam filters.

What is the LinkedIn monthly limit for profile searches?

LinkedIn calculates your monthly search limit based on your profile activity. Every month it resets to zero and although there’s no real way of knowing what your search limit is, you’ll receive a notification when you’re nearing your limit. It’s important to remember that searches for your first-degree connections don’t count – you can search for these as many times as you want (and you’re allowed 30,000 1st-degree connections).

How many LinkedIn connections can I send per day?

Although you’re limited to 100 a week, you could technically send all of these in one day. So the real daily limit is 100 messages per day – though you’d be blocked from sending any more for the rest of the week. 


Use the LinkedIn limit to your advantage

For B2B businesses focused on growing valuable networks and doing quality outreach, the new connection limit is a positive feature. With fewer spammy accounts muddying the waters on the platform, your campaigns are more likely to stand out and get positive responses. 

With our targeted automation tools, creating an outreach campaign on LinkedIn has never been easier. You won’t get flagged by spam filters, you won’t be affected by the new weekly connection limits, and you’ll easily reach more clients and get better responses. 

If you want to learn more about our LinkedIn marketing tools, schedule a free demo and we’ll show you exactly how we’ll optimize your account and improve your outreach. 


What is the LinkedIn limit for 2023?

As of my last update in September 2021, I don’t have information about specific LinkedIn limitations for 2023.

Is there a competitor to LinkedIn?

There are several competitors to LinkedIn, including platforms like XING, Viadeo, and AngelList. However, each serves slightly different audiences and purposes.

What is the drawback of using LinkedIn?

One potential drawback of using LinkedIn is its limited effectiveness for certain industries. Additionally, using automation excessively can lead to account restrictions.

Can you have multiple LinkedIn accounts with the same email?

You cannot have multiple LinkedIn accounts with the same email address.


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