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How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator search functions, quick explanations of what is the difference between "search accounts" vs "search leads" and how to use "AND" or "OR" when searching.

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Video Transcript

Hi there. I'm going to show you some quick and easy tips to ensure you're optimizing your Sales Navigator search when it comes to creating your Zopto campaign.

The first thing we want to do is go ahead and log into our Sales navigator account, and click on search.

From here, you can either choose to search leads or Accounts. Searching accounts will allow you to search by company, whereas searching leads will allow you to target specific LinkedIn profiles.

You'll notice that you have the option to use a Keyword search. This function is particularly useful if you were looking to target specific elements within the profiles, such as title or designation. Or perhaps, you want to exclude something, such as a particular industry. For example, if I wanted to target CFOs that have their CPA designation, I would type in "CFO" OR "Chief Operating Officer" AND "CPA" NOT "Financial Services".

The quotations indicate that the profile must have those specific words referenced in their LinkedIn. I use the OR function to indicate it can contain one of the mentioned words. I use the AND function to indicate the profiles have to have the word CPA referenced in their profile along with either CFO or Chief Financial Officer. And I use the NOT function to indicate I want profiles with the word Financial Services excluded from my search.

From here, go ahead and continue to add filters to customize your search even more.

Geography is a good place to start. For this search, I want to target San Francisco.

Industries is another common filter to use. In this search, I want to target CFOs from the computer software industry.

And I'm particularly looking for CFOs that have experience working in mid-sized companies.

The numbers in these brackets indicate how many profiles are available based on my current search criteria.

And if you want to get even more granular, go ahead and click on View all filters and you will be able to see all your options.

I'm happy with my search results, so I'm going to go ahead and save my search. And set my alert frequency- this feature will essentially alert you if anything changes from this list based on profiles changing jobs, promotions, or as new members join linkedIn.

The main advantage of saving your search is you can easily refer back to it later on. So perhaps I ran my CFO San Francisco campaign and now want to create a similar campaign targeting Texas. I can easily do that by heading back to my saved search and updating my filters.

From here, you would copy and paste your search url, head over to Zopto, Create campaign...

Once it's done fetching, it will start to upload the profiles, and once that's complete, you are now ready to go ahead and customize your Zopto campaign!

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