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Saved searches are a great way to keep your searches up to date and relevant.

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Video Transcript

Safe searches can be really useful as it allows you to save your search criteria, including keyword strings and filter refinements, so you can quickly run that search again at any time or find the filters to create a new search without having to start from scratch. It's also a great reference point. If ever you wanted to retarget your search list, here's how to set it up. Start off by inputting your search criteria like I've done here. And once you're happy with the results, go ahead and click on Safe Search. From your title, your search was something that's easily identifiable to you, so I always like to include my target title in this case is that of our business development.

Industry if applicable. And then your targeted Geography.

You can also set up alert frequency, which will automatically notify you when new members or existing LinkedIn members match your search criteria. This is a great way to keep your search current and relevant. So your options would be daily, weekly, monthly or never. I'm going to go ahead and select monthly.

Save my search. And it's that easy. So when it's time to reference, I say search, I would just click on save searches up here. Click on the search. And now I can view or edit my search or I can create a new search based off of this. So go ahead and give safe searches to try next time.

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