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The biggest pro of Zopto is that it exists in the first place. It’s a brilliant tool that’s a real time-saver, and while there are a few glitches here and there, it’s also a new tool that’s still being developed and improved. On the rare occasions where we’ve had problems, the customer support has been … Continued

Magnet Monster

Zopto has been instrumental for our team when it comes to scaling up our business on LinkedIn. LinkedIn generates around 60% of our leads, and given the pressure we have on deliverables for clients and sales itself, Zopto has been invaluable in helping us to scale up our connections and to spread our content marketing … Continued

Prime Marketing Source

We’re satisfied with this product and would recommend it. There are probably industries, departments and countries that are easier to reach through this method than through any other method. It seems to work particularly well in North-America, Europe and the APAC region and is a great way to help me to grow my network and … Continued

IT Focus Telemarketing

We love Zopto because it allows us to create additional LinkedIn contacts, which in turn leads to more sales opportunities. It’s easy to use, has the functionality that we’re looking for and provides exceptional reach and results. There are no cons as such, although LinkedIn Sales Navigator comes at an additional cost. Other than that, … Continued

DBurns Agency

Zopto is great! It’s easy to use with a sleek interface and easy reporting and integration. It’s a little more expensive than the competitors, but it’s still a 5/5 for value for money and I’d 100% recommend it. Zopto has already made a big difference to the way we carry out our marketing, and we’re … Continued


Zopto is a great tool for leveraging LinkedIn as a business tool. It’s pretty much perfect and I was happy with every aspect. It really changed my relationship with LinkedIn and Sales Navigator. I liked the ease of use and how easy it was to set up LinkedIn automation. This is the not-so-secret tool to … Continued


Zopto is very easy to use and the support team is always quick to respond and super helpful. The product does everything that it says it does, making it fast and easy to connect with lots of potential clients at a rate that suits us. It had all of the features we could have asked … Continued

R2G Digital

Zopto is a great service! They got us the leads that we needed and the software was easy to use and intuitive. More importantly, it delivers, which is why we’re doubling down on Zopto as our cold outreach strategy. You can target different audiences and test out different messaging, and if you don’t have much … Continued


Zopto provided us with a great tool, strong results and a wonderful onboarding process, giving us a great opportunity to build upon our existing sales framework. They’ve also allowed us to expand our social selling framework. Our only gripe would be that it’s a bit of a hassle to transfer data from LinkedIn to Zopto, … Continued

The Lead Gen Specialist

Zopto is a great platform for automating marketing messages. We like the way that Zopto keeps adding functionality to keep in line with changes in LinkedIn, although it can be a little cumbersome when you first start to use it, purely because there’s so much that it can do. Luckily, once you start to use … Continued